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Pre-natal care initiative

Department of Prasooti Tantra and Stri roga (Ayurveda Obstetrics and Gynaecology) of SDM Institute of Ayurveda and hospital, Bengaluru conducted  “Hombale prayoga” program  on the auspicious nakshatra (“lunar mansion” or sectors along the ecliptic) of Pushya at its premises for pregnant women to guide them through a safe and healthypregnancy and  delivery from 1st  to 3rd August 2019.

A specially prepared medicated drink “Hombale prayoga “was administered to the pregnant women  at the hospital premises. This special multi ingredient nutritive formulation is a traditional recipe to sustain the developing foetus and improve the general immunity and wellness of the mother . Main ingredients are the tender coconut inflorescence( Narikela pushpa), Almonds, palm candy sugar, dry black raisins, dates, cardamom, saffron, milk to name a few.

The experts at the institute gave specific guidance on diet and nutritional requirement according to the needs and progress of pregnancy. The to- be mothers were also oriented on the need and importance of breastfeeding. A full body gentle massage, pre- natal yoga training and expert guided music therapy were all part of the scheduled program. Fifteen to – be mothers participated in this three day program.